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NuCelle Post Resurfacing Post Peel Systems

Post Resurfacing Post Peel Systems

Resurfacing Wash 60ml

Product features:

-Adopts a mild cleansing formula.

-With the addition of lipid-base moisturizing to decelerate dryness and tightness of skin.

-Suitable for use under cold weather and chilled climate, or at dry skin condition.

Healing Ointment 30ml

Product features:

-With soothing and repairing functions to prevent moisture evapotranspiration of cuticle.

-Prevent the occurring of scaling, peeling and other dry conditions in the skin.

-Formulated with Aloe Vera Extract. Suitable for using under cold weather or special care is needed.

How to use: Take an appropriate amount of Resurfacing Wash in every morning and before sleep, gently massage with your fingertips, and rinse thoroughly with warm water.Apply a suitable amount of Healing Ointment to your face, massaging until fully absorbed.


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