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Trade Ling International Co., Ltd is dedicated to the research and development of safe and low-irritative skin care products. We are equipped with our own Research & Development Center, several professional specialists with decades of R&D experiences in skin care products and service locations widely spread across medical institutions, dermatology clinics, medical-beauty centers, and professional salons all over Taiwan.

In addition to CICSKIN (Concentrate in Cosmetics) and our agency of NuCelle's neo-refreshing facial products, we also take things to a higher level. Proceeding with our own professional experiences, we are dedicated to assist our clients / customers in creating their own brands, providing specialized OEM/ODM services of professional skin care products, and offer fully customized tailor-made programs in developing products to meet each individual client’s needs.

Operation Procedures in OEM/ODM of small quantities:

1.Project Consultation and Negotiation:

In-depth understanding of client’s needs and ideas, as well as products, quantity, etc.

2.Proposal and Sample Proofing:

Based on the results of thorough consultations, formula proofing will be conducted, and product design with preferences according to customized concept will be provided. After the final confirmation, the product will be manufactured.

3.Content and Container Examination:

We will provide detailed information of the contents, as well as various types of bottling & bagging materials for customers' reference. After final confirmation, quoting contract will proceed.

4.Production and Packaging:

After production, the customized raw materials will once again undergo strict and rigorous tests. Then follow with bottling and packaging process.

5.Delivery and Acceptance:

After acceptance of the customized products, final payment will be collected.


Operation Procedures in OEM/ODM


Fully Customized Planning According to Clients’ Requirement


All-Around Bonus Brand Building Service


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