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No.133 May 2018

Topic:Skin trouble – Take care of your cute mommy after postnatal care

The first choice of the Anti-hairloss Serum is GHK-Cu Anti-hairloss Serum (12ml*5)

Product features:

-Rich in GHK-Cu, which improves any kinds of scalp problems.

-Perfect balancing and nourish hair roots.

-Bacteriostasis and oil control.

-Free of Western Medicine. Feel free to use.

How to use: Apply proper amount to scalp after drying.
Use 1 - 2 times a day (morning/evening).


雜誌內頁所推薦的皙斯凱 GHK-Cu藍銅健髮液(12mlx5)
皙斯凱 GHK-Cu藍銅健髮液(12mlx5)

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