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皙斯凱 Concentrate in Cosmetics

CIC / The Origination

Regards to the reality that the present market has already filled with massive amounts of skin care products of uneven and unstable quality, CIC (Concentrate In Cosmetics) was founded in 2009. With years of experiences as a renown pharmaceutical company, CIC aims to adhering the concept of “Creating effective high-concentrated products with utmost pursuit of highest stability and safety efficacy”, proceeds from a scientific perspective, taking the concern of user’s safety as the highest priority, based on the empirical result of pharmaceutical effectiveness, and is strictly guided by the highest standard in specification of pharmaceutical industry. CIC introduces the innovative spirit of the pharmaceutical industry into the field of medical-cosmetology, with perseverance efforts in research and evolution of product formulation, to bring brand new carefree experiences for consumers with sensitive skin.

CIC Spirit / Essence

The combination of the right concentration and the effectiveness of users’improvement of the active formulation has always been a major persistence of CIC. Abandoning over packaging of the product and unrealistic advertising, together with the reducing of unnecessary waste of natural resources, has also being CIC’s policy on environmental protection. By committing to the use of highly concentrated effective formulation, CIC provides a more accelerated and effective approach to the improvement of every user’s skin condition.

Because we insist in

“Taking care every inch of tender skin with stability, natural and

“To improve the condition of sensitive skin with high-concentration, effectiveness and low-irritation”



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