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GHK-Cu Anti-hairloss Spray 120ml_複製

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GHK-Cu Anti-hairloss Spray 120ml

Price NT$ 2,200

Product features:

-Anti-aging and strengthen your hair.

-Control oil effectively, and keep your scalp healthy.

-Scalp feels cool and fresh.

How to use: Use before or after blowing your hair. Or use before sleep and massage gently.

※For best results, recommend to use with: GHK-Cu Fluffy Shampoo and GHK-Cu Anti-hairloss Serum.



Worry about your scalp and hair?
Here comes the GHK-Cu Anti-hairloss Spray!

Say goodbye to hair loss for now on!

Let GHK-Cu Anti-hairloss Spray to spray out your worry!

4 reasons to buy this product:

01 Anti-aging and strengthen your hair.

02 Control oil effectively, and keep your scalp healthy.

03 Scalp feels cool and fresh.

04 Easy to carry with.








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