M-SPOT Brightening Serum 30ml3
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M-SPOT Brightening Serum 30ml

M-SPOT Brightening Serum 30ml

Price NT$ 3,800

Product features:

-Nonapeptide – Effectively decreases the generation of melanin (skin pigmentation).

-Special Neo-Whitening Composition – Mild & non-irritating.

-Provide hydration while helping brighten your skin.

-Suitable for long term, long duration application on weak sensitive skin that rashes easily.

Suitable skin properties: Regular Skin, Weak Sensitive Skin and Spotted Skin.

How to use: Apply appropriate amount evenly on the face every morning and before sleep, or before going outdoor.

※For users with dark skin-tone around the eyes, enhanced daily application is suggested on periocular.

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