Ceramide Repair Serum 5ml x 43
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Ceramide Repair Serum 5ml x 4

Ceramide Repair Serum 5ml x 4

Price NT$ 1,980

Product features:

-Contains Ceramide, preventing dryness and roughness.

-Moisturize the skin, preventing peeling skin caused by water shortage.

-Contains derivatives of vitamin E and phytosphingosine, stabilizing the skin and slowing down aging.

-Soft, like velvet. It can be absorbed very easily. Moisturize and renew the skin at the same time.

-A must-have skin care product for mature skin & aged skin.

Suitable skin properties: Aged Skin,Sensitive Skin,Dry Skin.

How to use: Apply moderate amount of toner to the face and smoothly evenly. It can be used in the morning and at night.

※MLV Lipsome Technology

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