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NuCelle Mini Traveler Kit-Set

NuCelle Mini Traveler Kit-Set

A perfect combination of medicine and aesthetics, that leads to a glowing effect with an innovative Mandelic Marine Complex formula, which contains richly of 4 major categories of the algae family namely: giant kelps (Macroalgae), red algae (Rhodophyta), giant blue-green algae or Spirulina Maxima (Arthrospira Maxima), bladder wrack (Fucus Vesiculosus), and lichens grown in pollution-free sea-area of Iceland, to form a pure natural botanical formula. The complex mandelic acid smoothing factor, marine trace elements and amino acid filled compound allows the skin to breathe deeply and reshape a flawless skin condition just as newborn regardless of age.

Step1 – Mandelic Marine Cleanser 20ml

-A gentle wash that does not contain SLS & SLES, without drying or irritating the skin after use.

-Low sensitivity and low irritative compound for pores purification and balance oil & grease secretion.

-Oil-free and soap-free formula. Suitable for all types of skin condition.

-Contains 0.5% Mandelic Acid, Seaweed (Algae) Extract and Witch-Hazel Extract.

Step2 – Mandelic Toner 20ml

-Rich in condensed marine smoothing polishing-factor essence for effectively replenish moisture.

-Contains Marine Trace-Elements to drench the skin with moisture and protect the skin from drying.

-Gently exfoliation for skin rejuvenation.

-Contains 2% Mandelic Acid.

Step3 – Mandelic 10% Serum 20ml

-Say goodbye to annoying acne & pimples! Embrace glowing, smooth and tender skin.

-Mandelic Marine Complex formulation is added.

-Exfoliate the skin, providing hydration and oil control.

-Help correct the appearance of skin discolorations and rough texture as well as combat aging of the skin.

-Contains 10% Mandelic Acid.

Step4 – Mandelic Marine Shine Control Moisturizer 20ml

-Rejecting and bidding farewell to dark skin tone.

-Replenishes moisture and nourishment for the skin.

-Further increasing brightness of the skin and with anti-aging ability.

-Contains 5% Mandelic Acid.

Step4(PM) – Mandelic Anti-Oxidant Night Lotion 20ml

-A complex of moisturizing and smooth factor treatment product.

-Helps to smoothing and assisting in refreshing and regeneration of the skin in night time.

-The perfect fusion of anti-oxidant vitamins A, C, E & D3 can effectively prevent and improve colorization, as well as restoring evenly brightness to the skin.

-Contains 2% Mandelic Acid.



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